10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Band

You know those events where the music is really bad and the rest of the entertainment is just as poor? You know that awkward feeling you get inside where you just don’t know what to do next because everyone is feeling the awkwardness but no one saying anything?

Well you can prevent that from happening by ensuring that your wedding band are up to scratch and ready to roll your party into the early hours of the morning.

It is very likely you have never booked a wedding band before, so with this in mind Rob, our guest blogger, has prepared a few questions you should ask before hiring your band to ensure a great nights entertainment:

1. How will they dress?

The last thing you want is the band turning up in ripped jeans and t-shirt looking like they are preparing to play in a back street night club to a bunch of wild students! Most bands will dress in suits, or at least trousers and a shirt for your wedding, but you should clarify this beforehand to make sure. If you want them formally dressed, ask them if they would do so before booking.

2. How long will it take them to set up?

This is a question most people don’t think of, but it is important and if it takes a long time it could cause a lot of disruption to your wedding day. For example, if the band arrives during the speeches, carrying in gear and setting up, this could be a terrible distraction. Some larger venues will move you and your guests to another room in the complex with a bar while the band sets up, so timing will be important.

3. Will the band liaise with the venue?

This is required as together both can agree on times, where the band will play, and arrange for necessary electrical sockets required for equipment. This co-operation will prevent unnecessary delays and ensure all runs smoothly. Remember, it is likely your venue has more experience organising weddings than you do, so they know the necessary questions to ask the band.

4. How much equipment will they use and how many band members will be performing?

This detail will help the venue create sufficient space for your band to set up and play. If your band show up and suddenly realise they can’t fit all their equipment into their allocated space, a lot of disruption will be caused.

5. How many different genres of music do they play?

This will make sure there is plenty on offer for every one of your guests, from teenagers to your elderly guests, and everyone in between. Catering too much musically for one group and not the rest could cause guests to leave early because they aren’t enjoying it.

6. Do they play requests?

Requests are a great way for your guests to interact with the music and have a better time at your wedding. Some bands have a set list of songs and don’t play requests, so make sure you clarify if they will play requests.

7. Will they learn a song for you?

If you really want a particular song played, it is important you ask this. Your first dance song is obviously important to you, so make sure they play it or will learn to play it. I urge caution with this point however, don’t be unreasonable and ask the band to learn a long list of songs, this is very time consuming, and the band will most likely tell you to look elsewhere. If you want a list of songs that the band doesn’t play, you should probably look for another band anyway.

8. Have they played at many weddings in the last year?

A good band and a good wedding band are not necessarily the same thing. A good wedding band has a good idea of what wedding guests generally enjoy at a wedding, as they are experienced in this field. So make sure they have played at a fair amount of weddings in the past year.

9. How long have the band members been playing together?

How long a band has been around is not necessarily how long its members have been playing together. The band may have been playing weddings successfully for the past five years, but their drummer may have only joined them last week. This could affect the quality of performance.

10. Can they show you a video of them performing?

This is some kind of proof to the bands quality. A selection of songs available on video is preferable here. Even bad bands have ‘one great song’ they get right every time. It doesn’t necessarily mean the rest are so hot! Bands will have recordings, as they help them to book gigs, so be weary if they don’t have any and no one has recommended them to you!

Remember, this is your wedding day and things must be how you want them to be, so be sure to ask the right questions to get the answers that will make this happen!

Rob Lowry

Rob specialises in weddings and party planning in the UK. He helps bridezillas to overcome their most feared nightmares and also advises Personalised Wedding Gifts for creating wedding lists for themed and seasonal weddings.

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