Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings In The World

Most Expensive Weddings

Expensive weddings: has there ever been one that wasn’t expensive? I think if you are the parents or the couple who paid, the answer will be no!

Planning a wedding can be very expensive and more and more couples are experimenting with DIY wedding options in order to lessen costs and make their wedding day more budget friendly. Many others are continuing to splash out large amounts of money on lavish affairs. Whatever your wedding budget may be, make sure you are remembering the importance of the day rather than the material ‘things’. Just for fun we have out together a list of the Top 10 most expensive weddings in the world:

10. Donald trump & Melenia Knaus – $1 Million

9. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes – $2 Million

8. Elizabeth Hurley & Arun Wayner – $2.5 Million

7. Paul McCartney & Heather Mills – $3 Million

6. Lisa Minelli & David Gest – $3.5 Million

5. Delphine Arnault and Alessandro Vallarino Gancia – $7 Million

4. Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin – $15 Million

3. Vikram Chatwal & Priva Sachdey – $20 Million

2. Miss Yugoslavia Aleksandra Kokotovic and Andrey Melnichenko – $30 Million

1. Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia – $78 Million

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