5 Vintage Inspired Wedding Themes

Old is gold, and vintage wedding themes are the perfect example of that. Classic silhouettes on the groomsmen, evergreen colour schemes, elegant table settings and vintage vibes all around, it’s the perfect kind of wedding. A vintage theme wedding is so romantic; it almost evokes a sense of nostalgia and spreads romance through the air. So, if you’re sold on a vintage theme wedding, here are 5 vintage themes that might just inspire you.

1. A Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

Great Gatsby theme is the epitome of vintage themes! Burlesque inspired centrepieces, a champagne tower, vintage-inspired place cards, glittery outfits on the bridesmaids, groomsmen in classic tuxedos – does it get any more vintage than this? To really add to the vibe, you can also hire some jazz wedding entertainment singers; that will definitely make people hit the dance floor. You need to think along the lines of black and gold elegant decor coupled with Hollywood glam for a luxe-vintage theme. Basically, like an old Hollywood black-tie event – bottles of champagne, lots of pearls and feathers, foil-pressed invitations and a fedora plus feathers photobooth!

2. A White And Cream Lace Theme

Lace is as vintage as it gets. Imagine cream and gold wedding invites with lace, imagine table runners made from lace, jute and lace tied to the chairs and tables, flower arrangements tied together using lace and even some lace-cut brass candle stands and vases to add to the whole vibe. In this case, you even need to add lace to the accessories to really tie the theme together – champagne glasses with a lace cover, the bridal bouquet tied together with lace, lace and jute covers on the serving spoons and mason jars with flowers hanging around the venue, obviously, covered with jute and lace. P.S, if the bride agrees to wear a lace dress, or at least lace gloves, the theme will look totally complete.

3. A Rustic Wedding Theme

Think of a venue like a backyard or a barn or even in the middle of a forest, because that will really add to the rustic vibe. Use lots of wood, brass and candles – these three items really add a rustic touch to any decor. You need to choose a colour theme, something like creams and whites, or midnight blues, toned down pastels or even shades of grey. Place candles all around the venue, make welcome boards on wooden planks, use brass candle stands as the centrepieces, use barrels as decor, serve the alcohol in brass plated glasses – there is so much you can do. Just make sure you don’t over decorate.

4. An Earthy Tone Vintage Theme

You need to use colours like pastel green, mustard yellow, light brown, olive green and of course, cream or beige as your base. Use all-green floral arrangements as the centrepieces, put out metal chairs and tables around the venue, ask your bridesmaids to dress in shades of green, send invites inspired by earthy tones, hang decorative bird cages around the venue and have lots of flowers and greenery everywhere. Don’t forget to make your bouquet look super earthy and very vintage!

5. A Modern-Day Vintage Wedding

In this one, you’re kind of blurring the lines between old and new. So, imagine placing old suitcases as decor or using a vintage bookshelf with a few books as the photo booth background. You can place teacups and brass candle holders as decor with a few pearls around, place lots of candles everywhere and then add a slightly modern element by opting for pastel tenting or floral throw cushions for seating. You can even use shades of rose gold to make it slightly more modern. Just find the right balance between old and new-ish.

Emma Parker
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