5 Ways to Write Sincere and Creative Wedding Vows

Has the time finally come to sit down and create your wedding vows? Are you feeling pressured and stressed because you want your wedding vows to be perfect? You feel like there is so much to say, but you just can’t find the right words.

Don’t worry – this is all too common. Many soon-to-be weds have a problem expressing their promises and commitment in the form of words. This is why we have prepared this guide of techniques to use when you feel like you’re stuck. 


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Use the mindfulness technique and start with a blank page

To start, you need to free your mind of all other commitments and activities. Now, focus solely on writing your vows. Find a cosy and comfortable space where you can dedicate enough time to relax and start writing.

If you’re having trouble with writing in front of a computer screen, consider getting back to plain pen and paper. 

When you have a blank paper in front of you, it’s easier to start forming a meaningful narrative. Picture your life before you met your significant other just as empty as that paper. Remember what was missing from your life. What has your partner brought into it? What does he/she present for you?

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Take a trip down memory lane

You can also browse through some of your old photos and videos. Write down all memories that come to your mind. You might also reminisce about sad moments, but even those have a purpose – they have strengthened your relationship. 

You can create a list or draw a map of the most important memories (moments, adventures, etc.) you had since you met. Don’t start panicking if this begins to create chaos in your mind. That’s what love tends to do. 

Think about your promises

After you have written down all the important elements you want to point out in your wedding vows, start organizing them. Don’t waste too much time thinking about order. Just be natural and order them from the least important to the most emotional one. 

As you’re re-reading, try listening to yourself and remember everything you would be ready to give up just to keep your partner by your side. Love is a two-way street: you need to give in order to get. 

Play with style, but maintain correctness

Now, it’s time to play around with the style you’re going to use when presenting your vows to your future marriage partner at your wedding. Do you want to present them in a serious manner, emotionally or in a funny way? You should also think about the aspects that would be good to say and not-so-good to say in front of family and friends.

Once you’ve pinpointed a style you’re going to use, you can use tools and services to make sure that it’s accurate and correct. Try ClassyEssay (a professional writing service), BestEssaysEducation (expert writing company), Grammarly (a tool for checking grammar, spelling, and style). 

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Always keep your partner in mind

Melanie Sovann, a professional writer at GrabMyEssay, says, “Many people find it stressful to write wedding vows because they’re picturing all those people in the audience. However, they’re not the limelight of that event. You are supposed to address your future husband or wife, not your family or friends. When you write for them, it gets much easier”. 

Just answer these questions about your future marriage partner and picture saying those things to them:

  • Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with them?
  • How can you make your future better?
  • What do you promise them?
  • How does your partner make you better and happier?

Of course, it’s recommended that you don’t share your vows with your SO before the wedding day. Still, you can share them with your best friend to relieve some of the pressure of public performance.



There are many different approaches to writing wedding vows. In all cases, it’s important that you start writing them on time. That way, you’ll have more space to think about them, analyze, add, or remove. 

It’s not easy to encapsulate all of the time you spent together with the love of your life into one short speech. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste words on tiny details. Don’t let it get too long. Rather, eliminate everything that doesn’t have a powerful effect and doesn’t contribute to the overall impression. 


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