Autumn Wedding Colour Trends 2013

This autumn’s Pantone colours are a wonderful array of rich shades ranging from a soft Linden Green to a bold & powerful Acai.

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If you have chosen one of these wonderful wedding colours for your wedding this autumn then you may still be wondering how to bring them successfully into your day. Here is some inspiration you:

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Make a bold statement with Emerald chair covers! Make sure you respect the venue you have chosen for your reception. If you have chosen a country house with beautiful period pieces don’t hide them with props & décor let the venue speak for itself. Also bear in mind the colour of the walls & furniture, choose colours that compliment them not clash with them.

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This classic & strong wedding colour will bring a more regal note to any wedding & can be used across all aspects of the wedding from invitations to bridesmaid dresses & Mykonos blue shoes can even be used as the brides something blue

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Why not bring your wedding colour into your wedding transport!

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Acai is a beautifully rich shade of dark purple & can be used as a single colour theme or as a combination with a lovely dark grey such as Turbulence or in a more regal combination with Emerald. So will you be subtle or bold with the colour for your wedding dress?

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Now here is a fiery and powerful colour for Autumn. Samba red is ideal for an expressive and dramatic look. Remember red is the colour of passion! Try bringing this colour into smaller details such as rose petal on your aisle or reception table decor, a signature red cocktail, or for most wedding’s in Ireland, try a red umbrella for your photographs.

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Many of pantone’s autumn colours complement each other very well such as Emerald & Vivacious, Acai & Turbulence. Here is a lovely combination of Koi & deep lichen green being used beautifully in a wedding invitation.

Cake Autumn colour trends 2013


What about a pop of pink for your wedding cake. Pantone’s deep fuchsia shade Vivacious will add an elegant and enchanting tone to your wedding.

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Turbulence is a dark mercurial grey colour. You need to be careful with this colour as it can have a tendency to look dull if used incorrectly but can look very elegant when done right. You can bring touches of you wedding colour through the wedding invitations, a lovely bow on your wedding cake or in the table linen you chose. Many people still go with the white linen their venue provides but don’t overlook this opportunity to add a pop of colour to your reception.

Autumn wedding trends 2013


What a fabulous colour for your Autumn Wedding, a rich brown. Try pairing it with gold’s & ivory’s to bring the out the warmth in this beautiful colour.

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Mykonos Blue

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Koi and Deep Green


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