Beauty Blunders to Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

Beauty Blunders to Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

So, it’s the final home stretch before the big day… Woo hoo! In just a few short days you’ll be walking down the aisle where the rest of your life awaits you. BUT, that is a week from now, and a lot can happen in a week. And by that we mean a lot of beauty blunders!

We’ve had our fair share of awful beauty incidents in the past (some that we have learned some well earned lessons from), so we’ve decided to share some blunders to avoid before your wedding day!

New Hair Colour

Even if your hair professional is the best in the bizz, any crucial changes can leave opportunities for disappointment and heartache. With most ladies, hair is pretty crucial to feeling beautiful. Plus, you never truly know how it will look with you skin tone. If you want to up the vibrancy of your hair, why not ask your colourist to apply a gloss over your strands.

New Haircuts

Trials and consultations are usually about 3 months beforehand for a reason. To suit your bride’s neckline, veil and jewelty. Nothing more than the tiniest of trims should happen to your hair a few weeks beforehand. Remember, if there is a new look you really love, think about it and consider it after your big day.


Although there will be plenty of great reasons to toast on your day, celebrating the week beforehand is not the best idea. Certain drinks will make you feel bloated and puffy as well as bringing on redness. As well as this, longer-term effects can be the added calories that come with over drinking.

New Workout

If you have a regime up and running already, now is not the time to begin a new exercise. Pulled muscles can take a very long time to heal possibly leaving you too sore to bust a move on the day. If your goal is too lose weight, bare in mind that you have probably already had your last dress fitting.

New Beauty Regimes or Treatments

Peels, facials and new products shouldn’t be experimented with so close to your big day. For one, you run the risk of a break out or allergic reaction. Plus, wearing make-up can lead to irritation. Instead, leave any treatments to at least a month beforehand. As well as this, try to switch to a light make-up in the weeks coming up.

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