How to be The Best Bridesmaid EVER

How to be The Best Bridesmaid EVER

It’s no secret, putting together a wedding can be a challenge. That is why great bridesmaids (or bridesmen) are such an integral part of any wedding. Whether it’s your first gig or you’re a well seasoned pro, here’s how to be the best bridesmaid ever!

  • Offer to help with any wedding plans. Be as specific as possible when asking. Saying ‘can I help with any DIY projects or invites?’ is a lot more inviting than simply ‘what can I help with?’
  • Help scout out bridesmaids looks, shoes and any other accessories and pay for your own outfit. Remember to break in your own shoes. And ultimately be happy with the bride’s final dress decision. Think about how stressful it must be to find a bridesmaids dress to suit everyone!
  • Run any last minute errands and do any behind-the-scenes work that the bride may need. This could include checking the reception area has been set up properly, putting the couple’s gifts in a safe place and making sure the bride is taken care of.
  • Provide any emotional support your BF may need. Be a trooper no matter how stressful the planning process is. Be gracious and tactful when needed. You never know when someone may take offense to a comment!
  • Keep a record of all the gifts received at various parties and bridal showers so the couple can compose thank you notes easily.
  • Help the bride’s wedding gown train when or if needed. Bustle the train before any dancing begins and be ready to help fix it if it becomes unhooked. Also, helping the bride pee is also unwritten but very kind gesture!
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