Bridal Beauty: How to Get Fake Tan Ready

If you’re an Irish bride, the chances are that you have considered a fake tan at least at some stage. Because we are a nation that often has naturally porcelain skin, it is to be expected. Although, personally, I think natural skin is gorgeous, there are huge benefits to even a light tan. For one, it covers up most blemishes, gives a contour to your face (if done right) and can even make you appear slimmer. If you’re a tan novice, here are some bridal beauty tips on getting fake tan ready.

Get a Body Facial

A few months before your wedding, a body facial may be the perfect treat. Give yourself time to heal from this as steaming, peels or intense treatments can often cause breakouts.

Bring Exfoliating Into Your Routine

A light scrub once a week will help remove any dead skin that can linger (especially when skin is dry). Every skin type is different but once a week is more than enough for refreshing skin.


Hydrating your skin is vital for any natural or fake tan. It will help your skin recover better if burnt and will prevent dry patches appearing after a fake tanning process.

Try a Tanning Bed

Although tanning beds do have the danger of over exposure, they are ideal if you’re trying to build a ‘base tan’. This will effect how the spray tan looks under your skin. If you’re planning a hot destination honeymoon, may prevent you from burning on the first day. Of course, always wear a good SPF and limit your exposure to a few short minutes a week.

Get a Test Tan Done

Definitely not something to skimp on! Not only can you gage if this is the right spray colour for you, it’s a good way to test how your body reacts. How many showers or days does it take to wear off or to get the colour you want? Did it rub off on white clothing? Did it get patchy in certain areas?

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