5 Tips To Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

Up or down? This decision is ALWAYS the hardest when choosing your bridal hairstyle!

And, it is not one your stylist can make for you. They can certainly advise and examine the different options according to your taste, but ultimately it comes down to choosing what is right for you.

We caught up with top Bridal Hair Specialist, Leanne Nolan of Vow 2 Wow, to get her essential guidelines for making that all-important decision. The ultimate hair boss, she recommends opting for a style that you are comfortable with and that is essentially very you – just a little more glam! But, there are five other key factors you need to consider according to Leanne…

Vow2Wow Hairstylist

The Weather

There I said it. Well, it is Ireland after all! So of course this factor must be considered. Wind and rain will wreak havoc on loose tresses. I know, I know, you really want those moody and dramatic outdoor shots on the beach or up the side of a cliff. But, it’s time to be realistic. If your hair has been swept away in the wind and is now standing on top of your head, there’s very little you or anyone else can do to revert it back to its former glory. If you are planning on a winter wedding, there will be a strong possibility of high winds. Trust me, an upstyle is your only option!  

Vow2Wow Hairstylist

The Dress

Is your gown a particular style, theme or era? If so, your hair will need to complement it. Please remember, your dress was probably the first thing you fell in love with (after your Fiancé, of course)! Lets make sure it firmly cements its place in the spotlight.

The more detail you add to your chosen hairstyle, the less your dress stands out. In this case, less is definitely more – and I’m not talking volume! I mean accessories; clips, combs, tiaras, veils, necklaces, earrings, bags, shawls etc. Let your dream dress do the talking and scale everything else back.

If it features an open back or is a delicate strapless number, you might prefer the security of wearing your hair down so you don’t feel over-exposed. If you have opted for a high neckline or a dress with ornate detailing on the back, then you might need to consider wearing your hair up. This will ensure all those little details aren’t hidden underneath that long mane.

It’s also wise to consider how you plan to get into your dress on the day. Will it need to go over your head? Best not go with anything too padded or large as you may struggle to get it on after all that hair prep!

Vow2Wow Hairstylist

Your Natural Hair Texture

Lets be honest, you know your hair best. You are aware of what it is willing to do and what it point blank refuses to do. Is there any point going with a smooth sleek look if your hair springs into corkscrews at the first sign of humidity – NOPE!?!  So just embrace your natural curl, let your stylist work with it, not against it!

As a general guide, here is what works best for different hair types. If you have manageable healthy hair, all styles will generally suit you and hold well. If you have fine flat hair, pin half up or choose an upstyle for extra volume. While if you boast difficult to control or very lank straight hair, go with an upstyle for optimum security and lasting power.

Always Get A Trial Run!

I always recommend a trial run before the big day as it allows time for fine-tuning. Your stylist will get a chance to get to know you and your hair which will help achieve the perfect look for you on the day. Choose a hairdresser whose fortè is bridal styling, they will know the industry well and do weddings on almost a daily basis. This experience and skill will help the morning of your wedding run smoothly.

Vow2Wow Hairstylist

Pick & Stick

There will come a point where you will need to just PICK and STICK!  You don’t continue shopping after you’ve bought the dress of your dreams. Likewise, delete Pinterest – no more pinning after you’ve committed to one style. You will only torment yourself with doubts. Don’t over-analyse or worry, have faith that on the day the whole look will come together beautifully.

Visit award-winning Bridal Hair Specialist Leanne Nolan at www.vow2wow.ie for more inspiration or to inquire about availability for your wedding date.

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