Bridal Jewellery: Paul Costelloe Launches New Collection for 2013

”Feminine, classy and chic”

Paul Costelloe is thrilled to announce the arrival of his highly anticipated bridal jewellery collection for 2013. From exquisite white crystal bow drop earrings to striking double cluster drop pendants, his attention to detail and quality resonates from every piece, with Paul’s eye for fresh, simple and wearable designs unrivalled. The collection features Paul’s iconic pears all of which are carefully placed and set to accentuate their surroundings.

Paul Costelloe had already established quite a career before he returned to Ireland to start his own label. In the late 1960s while living in Paris, Paul joined the Chamber Syndicate and by the time he reached his early 20’s he was design assistant to Jacques Esterel. Two years later Paul became a designer with Marks & Spenser and trained in Milan. M&S went on to leave Milan but Paul stayed and worked with the department store La Renescente. His travels didn’t end there, Paul also spent time in the US before becoming one of the most established names in Irish and British fashion.

Taking inspiration from style icons such as Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn, some of the pieces are heavily influenced by Kate’s signature sapphire bows and Audrey’s stunning bow pearl sets. These ladies are two of the most loved style icons ever to grace the earth, if that doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will! Paul Costelloe’s departure into bridal jewellery design has heralded the beginning of another era in his distinguished career. Combining his signature style of classic and sophisticated pieces, each piece within the collection has been carefully designed to complement a bride’s complete ensemble. So if you are looking for timeless pieces with an individual feel for that big day these little gems are for you!

All pieces are hallmarked and authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle. Paul’s Fox signature logo is also discreetly placed on each piece.

These pieces are just stunning, I am almost certain there is at least one that every bride will fall in love with! Which one is your favouite? Let us know! Click on an image to open the gallery and to view the larger images:

For stockist details please contact: NJO Designs Ltd | | 01- 6020999

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