Bridal Make Up

You really want your wedding makeup to be the greatest makeup you have ever worn in your whole entire life! Of course, most brides hire a seasoned professional to tend to all their makeup needs on the day. Even when you aren’t applying the makeup, you still need to be able to tell the makeup artist what it is that you want and what kind of look you wish to achieve.

Bridal Make Up


Like Peter Kelly from Weddings by Franc mentioned the two most popular looks are natural beauty and vintage porcelain. Just like your dress, your makeup will be personal to you. Its should reflect your personality and be unique. Some ladies just love a smokey eye, but sometimes that doesn’t suit people with smaller eyes, as the darkness can make eyes appear even smaller. If you have small eyes, go for bright colours to open them up and use a white or nude liner on your waterline to give the impression of larger eyes.

When it comes to lips, lots of us are divided. Lipstick is an essential part to some people’s makeup looks, but a terrifying notion to others. The rule is always the same, look for what suits you. If you have paler skin with pink undertones a red lipstick might not complement your skin type, but a coral shade would. Do some research based on your eye colour, skin colour and face shape.

Bridal Make UP


What suits some people, won’t suit all. I have noticed this the most with contouring. Lots of women contour their noses, even when they have a cute, little button nose and there is no need to contour that area. It is essential to have a trial with your wedding makeup artist, he or she will be able to recommend the most suitable shades and the most flattering looks for you on your special day.

Have fun with makeup, experiment with your products, mix colours, see what happens. Make up is an art form, so have some fun!

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