7 Essential Bridesmaid Duties During The Ceremony

The ceremony can be the most nerve-wracking part of a wedding for those enlisted into the bridal party. Especially if you aren’t a regular mass-goer!

If you are chief bridesmaid and breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of making a mistake, stick to focusing on these seven tasks and you will be pretty much covered.

Bridesmaid Duties Ceremony

Help The Bride Out Of The Car

Start as you mean to go on. It is hard enough getting out of a car in heels, never mind navigating a white dress to safety.

If rain decides to conveniently make an appearance as the bride arrives at the church, be sure to hold the end of the dress to avoid the risk of mud or oil staining it.

Calm Her Nerves

No doubt, she will have a mini spell of jitters as she’s waiting to walk up the aisle. Seeing as you will be the last bridesmaid to walk, offer a few words of encouragement and tell her how beautiful she looks.

Fix The Veil & Dress Train

Who knew wedding dresses were such hard work eh?! You will spend most of the day fluffing the veil and fixing the train to showcase every detail. Start by ensuring she’s picture perfect on arrival into the church.

Hold Her Bouquet

When she gets to the altar and greets her partner, subtly step out to take her bouquet, which you will be keeping a watchful eye on until they are pronounced a married couple.

Lead The Troop

Seeing as you are an expert in ceremony duties after reading this post, you will want to share your wisdom with the rest of the pack 😉 Some ladies may not have held the role of bridesmaid before and any younger members of the group may be anxious about all eyes being on them.

You will of course be carrying out the majority of tasks, but give the others some guidance if required.

Enable Smooth Movement

Refer to point three. Wedding dresses are darn hard work. Every bride’s worst nightmare is to trip and take a hopper at the altar. Your job is to manage the end of her dress between sitting and standing to ensure nothing gets tangled.

Act As Witness

The most important part. Yourself and the Best Man will be asked to sign the registrar to officially deem the marriage legal. For this part, you won’t need anything. Just to simply confirm your full name and date of birth.

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