6 Bridesmaid Personalities To Avoid

So, you’ve been secretly planning this day for years. You have the Pinterest boards ready to go and you know exactly who will be in your bridal party. And now your other half has finally popped the all important question. But be prepared. Take heed to our advice and choose your bridesmaids wisely. Weddings unleash the worst in us ladies and the drama that comes with all of your gal pals working in close proximity for over a year will completely floor you. Kind of like that ice fall guy on RTE. Except you will wish that you didn’t get back up.

Here are the 6 bridesmaid personalities to avoid when planning your wedding.

Bridesmaid Personalities To Avoid

The Needy Bridesmaid

Your messenger is pinging in the middle of the night and when you don’t reply she calls into your work place the next day because she was ‘just passing by’. She wants to be involved in every detail of the wedding planning and has even set up a WhatsApp group to send everyone her wedding ideas. Organising your celebrations can be stressful and sometimes you just need a break. Our advice is to avoid her texts for a few days and hopefully she will get the message.

The Bossy Bridesmaid

Everything from your choice of bridesmaid dress to the way you want all the ladies to style their hair will be a problem for this one. She will even moan about the cost of the hen party. It’s her way or the high-way. She will challenge your every decision and throw a tantrum when she doesn’t get her own way. This is your day. Tell her to pipe down or jog on.

The Bridesmaid Who Takes Over Everything

She’s super organised and will entitle herself as chief wedding planner. She will most likely shun other ideas and then try to sneakily pass them off as her own. None of the other bridesmaids are likely to get a look in when she’s around. Heck, it might as well be her wedding. She will probably wreck your head in the weeks beforehand and ruin your vows on the day by constantly fluffing and fixing your veil. Take a deep breath through gritted teeth. And repeat to yourself over and over that she really does mean well.

The Drama Queen

We all have one of these in our group of friends. She’s the definition of a party animal and attracts drama around every corner. She always needs to be the centre of attention. She is most likely to cause the height of trouble at your hen party and will probably indulge in too much vino the night before the wedding. This one will need a stern talking to in the run-up to your nuptials. Maybe it’s also best to ban the booze.

The Bridesmaid Who Does Nothing

So far she has avoided all your calls and pleas for help in organising the wedding. And she literally made every excuse under the sun to get out of going dress shopping. Maybe she’s just clueless or is really hectic at work. This one just isn’t worth the fight. Let’s just hope she turns up on the big day.

The Jealous Singleton

The minute you announced your engagement, the snide comments and sarcastic remarks began. She swears that she’s happy single. I mean come on, you’re getting married, going to live in a semi-detached house in the suburbs and totally signing away your life. While she has no responsibilities and can snap up the latest Valentino shoes in Brown Thomas when payday rolls around. Deep down we all know she’s green with envy.  It’s best to slap this one down early on before she completely ruins your happiness.

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