Bridesmaids Gifts: Useful Gifts For Your Girls

Bridesmaids Gifts: Useful Gifts For Your Girls

Choosing a gift for all your girls may not be the easiest task. You’d like to get something that says thank you for their support, but on the other hand, you’re probably at the tail end of your wedding budget. Here are three useful bridesmaids gifts.


Most ladies will already have their collection of day wear jewelry pieces. With you bridesmaids spending the majority of their money on the dress, they probably won’t be thinking to break the bank on jewelry. Why not personalize jewellery or look into unique references to tie in to your theme. Etsy, is your best friend here, with unique and handmade items everywhere!

Make-up/ Hair

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re more than likely not hiring a Make-up Artist for your bridesmaids. One easy way to substitute is a bag full of make-up goodies for your ladies to choose from. Check out make-up counters who may be able to put together for you. Or if you have a few ladies who are hesitant to take the beauty plunge, why not organise a party with an experienced MUA to pass on some tips and tricks.

Shoes/ Purses

As with most formal dos, shoes are quite integral to a wedding… and they’re not cheap! While it can be enough to simply tell your ladies the colour and let them decide for themselves, why not complete the gesture by buying the shoes for them. Don’t know your lady’s shoe size? Why not get them a gift certificate?

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