It's Like Real Estate, But with Tuxedos

To rent or to buy? Luckily, should you decide to buy a tuxedo, you don’t have to worry about rising interest rates and mortgage forclosure. I always assumed, though, that buying a tux cost about the same amount as buying a small one bed flat in D2, but just today a girlfriend pointed me to

At, you can choose from one, two and three button tuxedos complete with tux trousers, tux shirt, a choice of colours for the bow tie, and free cuff links in stylish packages that range from €150 to €289 delivered. The upper end of their range includes Ben Sherman and Daniel Hechter tuxes – very swanky.

This costs only marginally more than a standard tux rental, and if you’re going to be needing to kit out in full DJ regalia for other weddings, corporate bashes or other events in the foreseeable future, buying can make a lot of sense over renting.

Delivery seems pretty fast, too, with an overnight delivery option or the standard two day delivery included in the price. Not that anyone would leave this to the last minute. Ahem.

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