Celebrities With Beards

What ever you are at right now, stop! This needs your absolute FULL attention. Does your favourite fantasy hubby look better with or without a beard? A topic long discussed in the WeddingDates office is the issue of facial hair. On the right man, facial hair can really make a guy that little bit more handsome. Personally, I love a beard on a man (if it’s trimmed and well taken care of), so much that I nearly couldn’t look at my boyfriend when he shaved his off two weeks ago. It sounds mean… But I just really love beards! If you’re beard crazy like me, you probably have a short list of your own celebrity beards that you just love. Here are my top celebrities with beards…

Celebrities With Beards

John Slattery

You might remember this guy from Sex and The City and Mad Men. Not exactly a heartthrob but definitely handsome. Put a little beard on him and this man looks amazing!

Celebrities With Beards

Jon Hamm

Is there anything this gorgeous man can’t pull off? Funny, sexy and stubbly… This man is divine with a little facial hair. We’re used to seeing the Mad Men star cleanly shaven on his hit show but according to Perez Hilton, it doesn’t take long for it to get bushy and lumberjackesque.

Celebrities With Beards

Ryan Gosling

Super sharp and dashing is this man’s key look. Add a little bit of beard to this and Ryan still manages to pull it off perfectly. Ryan can definitely do rugged, just remember him in that boat scene with Rachel McAdams… Ahh, lovely!

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