Christmas Proposals, Celebrate The Festive Season!

Christmas time is not all about Santa Claus, Shakin Stevens, mince pies and mulled wine. The festive season is full of romance, friends and family gatherings, and special memories. Lots of couples get engaged at Christmas and could you blame them! I just love Christmas proposals.

If you are planning to propose to your loved one there are endless ways, places and occasions to do it.

Christmas Eve under the mistletoe springs to mind. Is there anything as magical as the atmosphere of Christmas Eve, the perfect time to propose?

Why not propose on Christmas morning while unwrapping your gifts? Make it a Christmas Day you will both never forget! You could have a little fun and add suspense by getting lots of boxes and put a small box in a slightly bigger box. Keep putting the box into bigger and bigger boxes. The final and smallest box to be opened will have the engagement ring in it!

New Year’s Eve is a popular time to propose and what better way to celebrate than as an engaged couple planning the future and the New Year ahead.

Remember your proposal doesn’t have to be dramatically extravagant. Do what is right for you both. Where did you have your first date? What is your favourite restaurant? Have you a favourite beach where you like to go for a walk together? The great thing about Christmas proposals is that friends and family are home for the festivities so it is a great time to bring people together to celebrate.

If you are the groom and plan on asking the bride’s father for her hand in marriage do it in plenty of time before the engagement. It will be one less thing to worry about! If you are planning to purchase the engagement ring and surprise her with it I would suggest keeping the ring choice simple; unless you have been browsing together and know what she likes. Check with your jeweller that it can be changed if necessary – I’m sure it won’t have to be!

Whatever way you plan to propose to your loved one I have no doubt it will be special. It is one of the most important moments you will share when you commit to spending the rest of your lives together. Good luck!

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