Meet Our Fearless CEO Ciara Crossan

Ciara Crossan is the life and soul of WeddingDates and is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. She is like a whirlwind when she enters the office and is the ultimate multitasker! WeddingDates is a creative and fun place to work and Ciara fosters that hugely with her ethos of inclusiveness and innovation. Like the company, Ciara never stands still and is always looking on the horizon for bigger, better and more exciting things.

Find out how she does it all below!

Ciara Crossan WeddingDates

How long have you worked with Wedding Dates?

Since it started! February 2008.

Do you live, eat and breathe weddings?

Pretty much. WeddingDates is my baby and anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about my business, my team and my customers. I am constantly thinking of ways that we can improve the site for the couples who use it and the venues and suppliers who pay for our services. Being an online business, we are very lucky in that we can implement new ideas quickly so we are evolving all the time.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Seeing my team succeed and getting positive feedback from our customers who really value our service and what we do. That is so rewarding and makes it all worthwhile.

What is the least favourite part of the job?

I guess I would have to say not being able to ever really switch off properly. I am “always on” and it can get exhausting at times particularly now I am a Mum of twins!!

The Twins

Checking Out Their Super Mum On The Paper

What are your guilty pleasures?

Staying up too late on a Netflix binge and including popcorn as a staple part of my diet!

What is your favourite music genre or band?

I love a wide range of music and particularly love attending gigs and festivals to hear live music. One of my best concerts ever was seeing Nile Rogers and CHIC rock out to 70’s disco classics though! I love a good boogie!

Festival Fanatic

If there was a movie being made of your life who would you want to play you?

I often get told I look like Zooey Deschanel, which I take as a HUGE compliment so can I say her?! 🙂

Zoey Deschanel

Have you any special talents or gifts?

I adore fancy dress and have gathered quite the collection of costumes and props over the years. I seem to have developed an amazing ability to create costumes out of random items and have dressed many of my family, friends and relatives for various parties and events over the years!

Queen of Fancy Dress

What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

Chilling with my family, outdoors if possible…even better if we are in my favourite part of the world….Caherdaniel, Co. Kerry!

Outdoors With Her Family

If you were stranded on a desert island what would be the one item you would have to have with you?

Sadly, I have to admit – my iPhone.

Tell us about your claim to fame!

Probably my biggest claim to fame would be when I was in LA. I was attempting to celeb-spot for my entire time there but disappointingly saw no one. I was staying with my uncle who lives in Santa Monica and he brought us out for a drink the Sunday evening before we were due to fly out – his local pub, a real dive-bar.  Who was sitting up at the bar counter only Brad Pitt!! I immediately went up to him and said hello! He was with actress Catherine Keener and they were both so nice and friendly, we chatted away to them for a good 5-10 minutes. I asked him for a photo but he politely declined but later on when he got up to leave the bar he came over to me and asked would I like to get that photo! So below is the proof – I am beaming like a Cheshire cat!! 😀

Brad Pitt & Our Ciara

You have been known to travel the world proudly wearing the WeddingDates colours! What is the most amazing place you have visited?
I love to travel and before I set up WeddingDates I lived out of a backpack for two years travelling the world. Since starting the company I have been known to do lots of wild and wacky promotional stunts to get the brand out there and WeddingDates has represented Ireland in the wife carrying championships in Finland, hiked the Inca trail in Peru and sponsored a Rugby team for the Kinsale 7s tournament!

WeddingDates Treked The Inca Trail
Wife Carrying & At The Kinsale 7s

Are there any great passions in your life whether they be people, hobbies, animals or objects?

My twin babies and my first baby – WeddingDates!

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