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outdoor wedding

Picture it now…. a light breeze, a warm glow on your skin, the world tinted a sunny orange. Who wouldn’t love an outdoor wedding? And with the great weather in the past few weeks we’ve had this June, we could be forgiven that a wedding outdoors could be possible in Ireland! Even if it is only a dream, there’s no harm in looking at beautiful summer time photos for inspiration.

Think vintage, citrus, rustic, earthy, organic, pastels, bunting… the possibilities are endless!

And for guests, the choice is even better! Summer outdoor weddings are great for florals and fun frills. It’s a time where guests can be a little whimsical with style choices as well as play around with fun ideas!

As far as food goes, outdoor vendors, BBQs and mason jars filled with cocktails and lemonade can create the perfect summertime vibe.

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