Wedding Photography Styles Explained By Colreavy C Photography

Wedding photography can be varied in style and content. No one wedding photography style is the same, which makes wedding photography a unique experience that requires some thought and planning.

Wedding photography styles come in many formats: Traditional, Reportage and Photo Journalist, Portrait, Contemporary and Black and White, are some the most common styles of photography used
for Wedding photography. The following is a brief summary of each style:


The formal posing in groups representing each family unit, with the bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen etc Most wedding couples like to keep Traditional posing to a minimum and tend to incorporate more fun style photography for their wedding day portfolio.

Reportage and Photojournalist

A natural approach which follows the couple throughout the day in an unobtrusive manner. Candid moments and ‘fly on the wall’ photography of the day from the Bride and Groom getting ready, the wedding service, and fun photographs with family and friends


Portrait photography of the Bride and the Groom taken separately in various posing styles and locations. For the Bride, the detail of the dress, the vail, makeup and hair are important photographs to be taken.


This style, taken from the fashion industry, shows the Bride posing to showcase the wedding dress, long vail and trail. Use of backdrops with the Bride and Groom. The Bride in a classical and contemporary pose and backdrop.

Black and White

Black and white photography is always a favourite with wedding couples. A different perspective and creative style can complement the bride and groom portrait and reportage styles.

Colreavy C Photography will tailor a style that suits the Couple needs. Lots of couples like a mix of Reportage, Contemporary with a splash of Traditional styles. These styles of wedding photography make for a great album book in stylish wedding story format.

For more examples of Colreavy C Photography wedding photography style, click on the following gallery here.

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