Creating a Wedding Vision

There are too many pretty, shiny, sparkly details when it comes to planning a fairytale wedding!

We know creating a wedding vision is tough work…Even more difficult is sticking to one! Once the news is out you’ll be flooded with all the classic wedding planning questions: What is your theme? Have you chosen a colour palette? What are the bridesmaids wearing? Is it a formal event? Okay…I can’t be the only one feeling overwhelmed already. There are just too many ideas out there and in order to successfully plan your dream wedding day you need to stay focused. Creating a vision or inspiration board is a step in the right direction.

So how exactly do you create one, stay on track, and plan a wedding that doesn’t look like Pinterest threw up? Well creating a vision board is the perfect way to get yourself on track and clearly communicate what you want for one of the biggest days of your life.

So what’s the point?

Creating this vision board is a way for you to organise how you would like the various elements of your day to come to life. But I’m not talking your typical Pinterest board that you’ve been adding to for years. If you feel like Pinterest is wayyyy to overwhelming, or even distracting, for you to use to plan your vision then create an actual board or scrapbook. That way, you won’t be tempted to add every other idea to your inspiration board and you can truly narrow it down to YOUR vision and not twenty other what if wedding visions all rolled into one. So to put it simply, the point of creating your wedding vision board is so you can have something to add to and look at that is a CLEAR representation of exactly what you want your big day to be. This not only helps you stay focused but help communicate your wants and needs to suppliers or your wedding planner. You’ll know what methods work the best for you once you get started.

What should you focus on?

Of course, you can have multiple inspiration boards. Maybe you’ll want one for your ceremony and another for your reception, and so on. Here are a few ideas to get you on the right track:

  • Colours/ Colour Palette
  • Flowers and arrangements
  • Fashion (wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, suits, and accessories)
  • Fabrics (for the wedding dress, bridesmaid, table decor…)
  • Stationary, Invitations, menus, place cards
  • Reception Decor
  • Cakes & Desserts
  • Food
  • Favours
  • Drinks & Cocktails

When do you stop?

Edit, edit, edit!!! Challenge yourself to remove images that you know you’re not going to use. We know its easy to keep adding to your inspiration boards, but when you start to take the extra components away you’ll see your concept really come together. So whether you’re creating an online vision board through Pinterest or creating one from magazine cutouts, you’ll be able to work out what works best for you. Before you know it you’ll have everything narrowed down. Your planner, suppliers, and your spouse will be praising you for your decisiveness. 



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