8 Festive Options For Your Day Two Wedding Celebration

If you’re knee deep into your wedding plans, then you’ve probably considered, agonized, gone back and forth over whether or not to keep your celebrations going with a second-day party.

It may sound overwhelming now, but for many couples, the second-day party is a chance to relax and mingle after the non-stop events of the actual wedding day. We’ll be the first to admit that a day-two might not appeal to everyone…with extra planning and added costs, you might be happy with just one day of festivities (and that’s okay!). But, if being surrounded by family and friends post-wedding day sounds appealing to you, then you might want to consider these options for your second-day bash. From low-key, family only events to all-out rager there’s surely a day two style that will fit your needs.


Day-after BBQ’s are a popular choice for wedding couples. Best for summertime weddings, many venues will be happy to help plan and take care of all the details of your day-two BBQ. With lots of food and drink, you and your guests will be able to chill out in the afternoon sunshine.

Breakfast or Brunch 

If you’re a lover of breakfast or brunch, this day-two is the ideal option. These celebrations can be low-key and relaxed, as some of your guests might be feeling the effects from the night before. Fill a buffet with your favourite breakfast foods and sip on some mimosas as you chat and soak up all the love as newlyweds.

Head To The Pub 

Head to your local for some toasts and a bit of banter! Perfect if you want to take shelter from the infamous Irish weather.

The Family Only Event 

Some guests won’t want to stick around the next due to the extra expenses or an awful hangover. Sometimes a family only event is best. Take time to chat with family members that have travelled far and revel in the newly wedded bliss with those that love you most.

A Big Bash 

Not through partying the night away? Offer your guests a second-day shindig with more fun, music, and food (always food!). This is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and really let loose with your guests following the busy wedding day.

Outdoor Games 

Enjoy a bit of fresh air activity with a day filled with entertainment for all to enjoy. Outdoor games are a perfect addition to your second-day BBQ or mid-morning soiree.

Throw A Dinner Party 

If you had a brunch style wedding the day before, or just fancy a smaller dinner party with close family and friends this option might be just for you.

A Fab Festival 

This idea has to be our favourite! Plan a festival themed day-two with a DJ, lots of food and drink then throw on some glitter and facepaint and party into the wee hours of the night.



Photo by Alasdair Elmes on Unsplash

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