Dessert Buffets and Sweet Tables

I’m a bit up theh walls this week with the upcoming appearance on Dragons Den so, I asked Annie Byrne wedding planner extrodinaire from Aislinn Events to do a guest blog post and when she sent it over, I was drooling!

Your wedding cake will finish off your meal but why stop there? Display your cake on a beautifully decorated full dessert buffet for your guests to choose from after the meal. It is a great idea to get your guests up after the main course before they get too sluggish {although they are going for more food} and with a buffet it will get guests from different tables meeting and talking to one another when they might not otherwise.

If you think the dessert buffet is too much, how about a homemade Cookie Station? Or Sweets Table? This can double as your favors if you have nice bags for your guests to fill and seal with your own personalized labels {of course} to take home or nibble on later. I actually did a sweets display at my own wedding and it was a big hit! I chose various types of sweets from our childhood, put them in clear jars with scoops and our guests were delighted! They all began reminiscing about going to the shop for penny sweets as a kid. They all packed up what they could to take home when the evening came to a close.
There are actually companies in America that do these for a living and Amy Atlas is at the top of them. What a fun job! But you should be able to DIY it really. Theme it in with your wedding colors or style, get some clear glass jars and fill with your favs, use those cupcakes everyone loves, Dipped fruits, popcorn, the possibilities are endless!
All photos and designs by Links: Amy Atlas
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