Our Dream Team of Bridesmaids

Our Dream Team of Bridesmaids

The role of a bridesmaid is not an easy task by any means. It takes plenty of planning, dedication and putting up with a stressed out bride! Personally, I have always thought the bridesmaid’s position is often the most underrated role. We recently asked our Facebook friends who they would appoint as Chief Bridesmaid and the results were hilarious. So, complied by the WeddingDates office*, here is our dream team of bridesmaids…

Kristen Wiig

While we wouldn’t be so delighted to have Kristen’s Bridesmaids character in our bridal party, real life Kristen we can only assume would be INCREDIBLE. She would probably write the most side-splitting speech ever, she’s used to tough schedules from her days on SNL and she would definitely be able to cheer you up at a moment’s notice.

Amy Huberman

Half because we’d just want to steal her wardrobe but mostly because she is like basically Irish royalty, Amy would be a star. She seems SUPER nice, intelligent and poised… Please be our BFF Amy!

Monica From Friends

She might be a little intense, but Monica would get the job done. You would never have to worry about her finishing off the wedding favours or making sure Uncle Pat doesn’t get too tipsy – it’s already taken care of. In fact, Monica is a born wedding planner! But, she’d probably only let you take care of the “cups and ice”.

Will Farrell

We don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that all your bridesmaids have to be ladies. So if we are going to pick a guy to be on our side, it would have to be Will Farrell. We’d probably just spend most of the time making him quote Step Brothers when we’re over stressed from wedding plans. But hey, it’s for the bride!

Gay Bryne

One Sentence: “One for everyone in the audience!!”. Nuff said.

*The best half hour we’ve had all week was spent doing this!

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