5 Wedding Bouquets You Can....Eat?!

We’d thought we’d seen everything as far as wedding bouquets go…

We were wrong!! Brides are now taking their wedding day bouquets to new heights by using edible additions or excluding flowers all together! We’ve scoured the internet to find some worthy options that any playful bride Would be happy to carry down the aisle…or at least snap a few fun pictures with post-ceremony. After seeing some of these, we know the possibilities are endless…

Is the edible wedding bouquet trend here to stay? Only time will tell!


Pizza lovers are in for a win with this one! This edible, and clearly delicious, pizza bouquet is made out of all the cheesy and meaty goodness you’d find on your favourite pizza. We’re in love!

Donuts! Now, this is a bride after my own heart! Who could refuse a sweet donut-filled bouquet?!

These Cupcake bouquets are surprisingly realistic! Swap out your bridal shower centrepieces for one of these and you’ve got dessert and decor all in one!

Fruit-filled bouquets are another eye-catching option for today’s bride!

Veggie bouquets are an unexpected beauty! We’re swooning over the array of colours in these extra healthy bundles.





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