Essentials for a Fashionable Groom

The wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. This special day is the loveliest celebration and the best party ever, filled with joy and good spirit. The wedding day is also a day that both you and your wife-to-be, as well as all of your dear guests, will remember forever. That is why it is no wonder that so much time is needed to plan out a wedding, starting from the venue, food catering, to the outfits.

And although the primary focus is on the bride and her stunning look, the groom should be as equally as fashionable. That is why we bring you the top essentials that every stylish groom needs.

A sophisticated suit

The most important thing for any groom who wants to look exceptionally dapper is to have an amazing suit. This means going for a tailored suit, but also making sure that it fits your personal style. You also need to pay attention that your bespoke suit is style and color-wise coordinated with the bride’s dress and overall look. That is why it is best to look at some elegant tailored suits and choose the one that fits your needs the best. Once you find that perfect suit in which you will look incredibly handsome and feel exceptionally comfortable, you can go on to assembling all the other essentials.

Bowtie vs. necktie

An accessory in the form of a bowtie or a necktie will truly add a new dimension to your outfit. However, while neckties remain timeless and extremely classy, a fun bowtie will add that chic note to any groom’s look. It is the perfect combination of retro and trendy, and a stylish bowtie will look lovely on a white, crisp shirt as well as on a more colorful option. The same applies to suits; you can find an appropriate, jazzy bowtie for a classic black or navy suit, as well as for one in pastel colors. Moreover, you can decide to make this accessory extra special by customizing it and getting yours and your bride’s initials sewed into it.

A modern watch

A luxurious watch is a must for any man of style, as it is a mark of sophistication and class. It is the one true accessory that goes incredibly well with business attire, casual outfits, as well as those formal and special ensembles, such as your wedding look. Thus, you can go for a masculine mechanic watch to match you elegant, black suit and monochromatic bowtie, or you can opt for a minimalist dress watch to go perfectly along with your grey or pastel suit and you patterned bowtie. In addition, you can decide to get a similar, matching watch for your wife-to-be and get your wedding date engraved on both of the accessories. This will make a lovely and thoughtful wedding gift, which she will certainly appreciate.

A pair of dazzling cufflinks

There are not so many jewelry options available out there for a fashionable groom, as there are for a stylish bride. However, this does not mean that the man of the hour can’t have his outfit enriched with some diamonds or gold and silver. This is indeed possible, by simply adding a pair of amazing cufflinks to your outfit. You can go for a subtle pair of stainless steel ones or a mix of silver and gold. Cufflinks with diamonds will be perfectly coordinated with your bride’s engagement ring and the ones with pearls will accentuate your flawless and unique style. On the other hand, you can go for cufflinks that have an unusual shape, such as a knot, to symbolize the beauty of tying the knot with the love of your life.

Shoes of the (big) day

Firstly, you must make sure that your shoes of choice are comfortable, as you are about to spend the whole day and night on your feet. In addition, opt for footwear that is in accordance with your style. Thus, go for leather Oxford shoes or brogues if you prefer classic and elegant style, and opt for leather loafers or even leather Chelsea boots, if you want a pair of shoes that is modern, but still quite sophisticated. If you don’t want to take any risks, but want comfy and stylish shoes, a pair of cap-toe ones, in black or brown, is an excellent, fashionable choice.

To sum up, we can say that a dashing groom only needs a few items to shine on his wedding day. However, make sure to put quality over quantity and you are guaranteed to look like a man of style.

Sophia Smith
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