What to expect from your Wedding Photographer

When you book your Wedding photographer, do you discuss and set out a wedding photography plan?  Your wedding day is a lifelong memory and for some the best experience of their life. If you let your photographer choose the photography style for your wedding story, this can lead to disappointment and perhaps an angry encounter later.

You have one opportunity to capture the wedding story and you should direct and get the best from your Photographer.  So how do you achieve this? A wedding photography plan is the starting point. Without a plan, you are expecting your Photographer to make the decisions on what they think you want – not always what you may want

Colreavy C Photography meets and discusses with the couple their photography styles and expectations for the wedding day.  This can involve meeting the couple at the Church/ Ceremony venue, and the reception location to seek photography opportunities. Think of it this way, you put a lot of thought and effort into getting the right wedding dress, the Bridesmaids dresses and Groom and Best men suits. You might even have a food tasting date with the caterer/hotel.   So, the same thought and effort should be placed on your photography. Your Photographer should have a photography plan, agreed by the couple that ensures that you get what is expected for the most important milestone of your life

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