Our Favourite all-time TV Couples

Our Favourite all-time TV Couples

This may not apply to everyone who reads this, but as a child, I have definitely based my thoughts on romance and the perfect couple on shows I watched. That may sound a little sad, but it’s true! Everyone loves a good romance and some have really stuck with me as I growing up. Here are some of my favourite all-time TV couples.

Ted and Tracy aka The Mother

Ted is a hopeless romantic, through and through. If you are a How I Met Your Mother fan, I don’t even have to tell you that! Although we don’t get to see a lot of Ted and Tracy moments, we do get to understand their love through Ted’s memories. It’s pretty clear that the two are pretty much soul mates (and she was totally worth the wait).

Buffy and Angel

Ahh… The inner passive-aggressive and angst ridden teenager in me loves this doomed couple. These guys are the 90’s “star-crossed lovers”, forget about Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes! If you love this couple too, you probably love fated relationships as much as I do. And you’re probably also a glutton for punishment!

Ant and Dec

Technically not a couple, but over the years with Britain’s Got Talent, I’m a Celebrity, Saturday Night Take-Away and of course, who can forget SMTV LIVE with Cat Deeley, we just cannot see these two apart. Pretty much an institution of Britain, we can’t imagine a world without these two!

Francis and Claire Underwood

Theses two are crafty masterminds, but they do love each other – we’ll say that much! If they were a real life couple, they would be truly diabolical or the evil version of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. But, despite their lack of humanity, they do seem to find an unyielding sense of love for each other, which I can get behind.

Joey and Rachel

Don’t hate me, I know Ross and Rachel are THE COUPLE of Friends, but I have always had a soft spot for Joey and Rachel’s story. Great companions, I loved seeing Joey’s affection for Rachel grow and these two trying to make it work. Although they didn’t end up together, they’re love was incredibly sweet.

Niles and Daphne

There are so many reasons why these two are in this post; Niles’ long term pine for Daphne, their rapport is perfection and of course, they have infinite amount of care and affection for each other. These two a are the definition of love that works well.

Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam…. The ULTIMATE couple! Not only do these two love each other indefinitely, they (without sounding very clichéd) are the best of friends. Watching their love grow on the show, it’s difficult not to feel warm and gooey on the inside. They are always on each other’s teams and they know how to laugh together. These two are the best!

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