Fitness Tips to Keep Couples Motivated and Healthy

Staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 still feels new for most people. Even though it’s been a few months since workplaces and schools began to shut down, it doesn’t feel normal to be home all the time. It can add to the stress and anxiety created by news reports of rising case numbers, which makes curling up under a blanket and hiding on the couch seem like the best way to spend your time.

While the world adapts to COVID-19, life still has to continue. You still have goals to reach, especially when it comes to fitness. You and your partner don’t have to give up your healthy lifestyles because you can’t go to the gym anymore. Instead, it’s time to look for fresh solutions.

Read on for fitness tips to keep couples motivated and healthy during quarantine. Try something new to see what works so that you and your partner can enjoy your time together and maintain your fitness routine.

1. Invent Movement Challenges

The longer you sit on the couch, the more tempting it is to stay there. Hours fly by, and you realize too late that you’ve lived through another day without exercising. Invent a few movement challenges so that you and your partner stay active.

During commercial breaks, see who can complete the most push-ups or crunches. Jog in place every time a character on TV says their catchphrase. If you’re not watching TV, do these challenges every time a 30-minute timer goes off or on your work-from-home breaks. Even a few minutes of movement will help you feel better than sitting around all day.

2. Make Exercise a Date

Everyone has different levels of endurance when it comes to exercise, so your fitness routine may not include your partner. While you keep up with what you want from your workouts, add a morning or evening walk to your days to spend time with your significant other.

During this pandemic, walking is a free and fun date for couples who can’t go out to town. Use the time to catch up and enjoy being with each other.

3. Set Goals Together

You’ll both feel more inclined to work out together if you have the same goals. Set objectives together to encourage exercising, like hosting a movie night if you work out consistently for a week. Whether you both enjoy making a new recipe or downloading a new video game, setting a reward for completing a goal is an excellent motivator for exercising.

4. Move Workouts Outside

Couples can always work out outside to get fresh air but be aware of your environment. Don’t exercise too close to anyone in your local park and look for protective shade to prevent sunburns. Getting outside will refresh your minds and make staying indoors easier when you complete your exercise routine. 

5. Print a Workout Tracker

It’s easier to put off your workouts when you can forget about them. Provide yourself and your partner with visual encouragement when you print a workout tracker and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Check off when you complete your routines so that you always know what’s coming next.

Communicate What You Need

Your significant other is your teammate for life, so communicate what you need to stay motivated and exercise together during quarantine. Whether you start walking together or track workouts on a log, you can achieve your fitness goals while you stay safe at home.

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