Flair with Favour Boxes

Anything that can do two jobs at a wedding is a cost saver. And whilst wedding favours are still an optional extra in Ireland that a lot of couples skip when they’re looking after the pennies, they can actually be a low-cost way to add flair and style to your reception venue.

Beautifully tied boxes like these can be set on dinner plates and used to tie in your colour theme inexpensively (some caterers and hire firms charge more for coloured napkins!) Add tags to each one with each guest’s name and they make a memorable place card. Stack them in a tower on a cake stand in the middle of the table, and you don’t even need flowers.

These favour boxes are from US retailer Beau Coup, but similar boxes can be found at Irish and UK retail sites, in stores or on Ebay. The key to maximising these little darlings is the ribbons – the bigger the bow and tails, the more oomph they have. These are a bit petite to really act as a decorative element, but wired or wide chiffon ribbon can really work well.

As for what goes inside them – they’re so pretty, do you really care? Okay, sure you do, but it needn’t be expensive. Bulk candy, bird or flower seeds, love heart sweets, or a stack of after dinner mints from your local cash and carry are all great treats for tiny packages.

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