Forming Priceless Memories With Budget Honeymoons


After what is generally referred to as ‘the happiest day of their lives’, the newly married bride and groom traditionally go off on the long planned adventure that is ‘the honeymoon’. The custom became popular in the early eighteen hundreds, in Great Britain, having originated in the Indian subcontinent where upper-class couples would take a “bridal tour” to visit relatives who had not been able to attend the wedding itself.

Historically some of the most popular honeymoon destinations are the French Riviera and Italy, where cities such as Rome and Venice have built up a romantic reputation. Today, there are many unusual (and cheaper) ways to take part in this wonderful part of the marriage tradition. Consider the following:

The cost of a wedding

Depending on which statistics you choose to believe, the average wedding in the UK and Ireland currently costs between fifteen thousand and twenty five thousand pounds. Many people are working on budgets, much, much smaller than this but still want to make the most of the special day. This means finding a honeymoon bargain can be high on the agenda.

Get the most from your hotel

If you’re planning a hotel break, either at home or abroad, it is always well worth mentioning when booking that it is for a newly married couple. Most hotels will offer an upgrade of some sort, whether it’s a bigger room than you have budgeted for or perhaps something simple like a bottle of champagne on your arrival.

Go Au Naturale

What could be more beautiful than spending a few nights off the beaten track under stars with your partner? What’s more, its cousin ‘glamping’ can make for an inspired choice. Ranging from woodland cabins in rural areas to stone-built cairn type ‘permanent tents’, there are a range of options that have the certainty of getting you both off the beaten track and ensuring some quality time in your own company.

Take a road trip

Or why not take a trip around the UK in a cute caravan? For those more adventurous couples who want to experience the hidden treasures of the UK, road tripping in a caravan can offer freedom, comfort and save you a bundle when it comes to accommodation. If you plan to hire a caravan, make sure you get adequate caravan insurance to cover any breakdowns and accidents.

Sail away

A canal boat might not have the same allure as the bridal suite in a five star hotel, but there are some fantastically well appointed barges on offer around England’s amazing system of waterways. These can offer all the comfort of a good hotel at a fraction of the price, whilst also giving another method of getting away from the hordes and spending as much time together as you like.

Switch and swap

Another slightly off the wall idea is to go for a holiday home swap. There are some great well established websites which can put you in contact with people all over the world who are looking to ‘swap’ homes for a holiday or short break. It’s a great way to see how other people live and can put you exactly where you want to be in many countries around the world.

In none of these appeal and you’re still hankering for flying off somewhere classically romantic and staying in that top class hotel of your dreams, how about checking your air miles or other consumer generated ‘points’ you may have? You might be surprised at the kind of deals you can get – allowing you to create lifelong memories without spending a fortune.

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