Grey Diamond Rings For The One-of-a-kind Bride

Looking for something truly special?

You can’t get any more unique than a grey or salt and pepper diamond. Although these unusual gems have been around for quite some time it seems that only recently they’ve been rising in popularity. This could be down to the fact that untraditional designs for engagement rings have become more and more popular as brides and grooms are now fully embracing their own individual styles for the big day, even when it comes to their wedding bands.

Now, most diamonds have flaws, imperfections and inclusions. Salt and pepper diamonds have many inclusions (white spots, black carbon spots, feathers, cracks, clouds or chips) that are both white and black, lending them their greyish hue. They contain more flaws and are less pure than the highly sought after flawless diamond.

Although flawed in the conventional sense, salt and pepper diamonds are so special because no two are exactly the same. So, if you’re one to stand out from the crowd or gravitate towards wild and carefree styles, a silky grey diamond could be the ideal choice.

We think these grey diamond rings are oh so dreamy…take a look for below! Is a salt and pepper diamond for you?

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