Health Ideas to Try Before Your Wedding

Often, a huge life event, like a wedding, is a reminder that you want to look and feel your best on the day. Whether that is getting a well deserved treatment for yourself or deciding to re-thing your lifestyle – it is usually a wake up call for most brides. Here a few health ideas to try before your wedding.

Cutting Out Caffeine

It may sound insane right now, but cutting back on caffeine (including carbonated drinks) will have an amazing effect on your health and maybe even weight. We don’t need to tell you that too much coffee can bring on an endless cycle of sleepless nights and dependency on caffeine. Limiting your coffee breaks to one a day before midday will have an astounding change on your stress levels – we promise! If you’re still craving a hot drink, when not switch to an herbal tea? Ginger is great for stimulating the mind.


Bellaze is the first inch loss clinic to open in Northern Ireland using the renowned Body Sculpting system from Tina O’Doherty’s clinic, a number one inch loss clinic in the UK. The six week course should be taken in advance of your last fitting. The package includes a combination of Liposculpting, Electrolite, Thermoshape and a special Nutrisaveur diet programme over a 28 day period. Check out Bellaze for more details.


We are huge yoga fans here in this office! Ranging from novices to down right experts – yoga is an amazing asset no matter your level of skill. Yoga will not only make you feel great but it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. Read this amazing blog from Cork Yoga on tips for beginners for some great advice.

Health and Fitness Clubs

Sometimes, the presence of a personal trainer can work wonders. Not only are they great supporters and motivators but they will know how to achieve what you’re after as well as doing it the right way. Personal trainers can also create a diet plan and schedule suited to your body type and what you want to achieve. As well, having a support network around you can push you further than you thought you could reach.

Be The Best Version of You

As women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the perfect everything. Partner, mother, worker, friend… The list of titles really does go on! Deciding that you will be the best version of you rather than the perfect version will equal to a lot more long-term happiness. Whether this means working the curves you have or don’t have – remember that your partner didn’t fall in love with an imaginary version of you, but the one that is standing in front of him!

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