How To Keep The Peace When Planning A Hen Abroad

Last week Siobhan Scanlon, founder of The Peacock Bride gave her tips on planning a hen party for a small group of people. This week, Part II of ‘Hen Party Survival Tips’ by The Peacock Bride it’s all about Keeping the Peace When Going Abroad for a Hen Party.

The Peacock Bride

More than ever brides are packing their passport and flocking to foreign shores for their last night of freedom. And with so much to offer, so close it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s sunsets in Ibiza, partying in Berlin or Christmas markets in Krakow there’s something for everyone.

As always with group planning it’s likely that tensions may creep in. Throw Bridezilla, or worse again Henzilla into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. So we’ve outlined our top tips to mastering the FEN (foreign hen) with ease.

The Peacock Bride

Give as much notice as is humanly possible

Planning a trip abroad is costly at the best of times, even when you’re in total control of the budget but hens negate any control when signing up to a 15 person party. With this in mind it’s important to give people as much notice as possible to avoid putting anyone under pressure at the last minute. For the most bang for your buck book flights & accommodation well in advance.

Be Upfront about the Budget

There’s nothing more annoying than rocking up to a hen party only to realise that you’ve only actually paid for 40% of the bash. Sure, there’s always unexpected costs like lunch and drinks but be as organised and transparent as possible to avoid giving your hens any unnecessary surprises. Incorporate the hotel, flights, activities and at least one meal into the cost, that way everyone is clear on what they need additional cash for.

The Peacock Bride

Confirm the sleeping arrangements in advance

Going on holiday with a group of people you may not know can be quite the intimate encounter. Be sure to think through the sleeping arrangements and pair like minded people. Give everyone plenty of notice to mentally prepare and off you go! Oh and be sure to pair the party animals together, the last thing you want is a dancing roomie and thumping base as you try desperately to slip into a deep slumber.

Organise an Ice-Breaker

This is especially important when a group of people are meeting for the first time. It can be hard to know where to start so some ice-breakers are good to relax the mood and set the tone for the weekend ahead. Hen party games, fancy dress and novelty items like inflatables and pinatas go a long way towards breaking the ice. Nothing quite breaks the ice like communally bashing the life out of a piñata!

The Peacock Bride

Novelties from The Peacock Bride include an inflatable flamingo, a disco ball pinata, a kissing machine and oodles of confetti! View the full collection of ice-breakers from The Peacock Bride on

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