9 Hidden Costs That Could Blow Your Wedding Budget

These hidden costs will try and catch you out. So we’re gonna help prepare you, nothing that crops up will phase you and it will feel pretty darn satisfying *insert smug grin here*

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We always forget to buy stamps for our Christmas cards, so the chances of remembering to factor them into the wedding costs are rather slim. The size of the wedding will dictate this cost. Generally you will spend between €40 and €150. Don’t forget to group your invitations into couples/families rather than buying a stamp for each person.

Make Up & Hair Trials

Let’s face it you would be taking a pretty big chance by not trialing your bridal look ahead of your big day. Make up trials usually cost around €50, but many MUAs will offer a package deal, knocking off the cost if you book your bridal party with them too.

Hair & Make Up Trials


This is always a tricky one – and many people don’t understand the need for it. Basically this covers the cost of storing the wine ahead of your wedding, servers throughout your day and disposing of the bottles afterwards – you get our drift. The costs add up for them too! Your Wedding Coordinator will discuss this cost at the beginning and it will be included in your contract. This is usually around €8 upwards per bottle and that’s before you buy the booze…

Bog Roll & Portaloo Toilets

Classy, we know – but YES, we have heard of this!! If you’re having a marquee or an outdoor wedding, don’t forget to ask your venue about the toilet facilities available. We heard of one wedding planner who had to make a last minute dash to the shops to buy toilet roll! Living the dream eh?


This cost crops up again and again. Always add extra allowance in your budget for wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses to be altered.

Your Honeymoon Wardrobe

A girl’s gotta look on point for posting romantic snaps of her honeymoon online, right? Depending on how much you wanna spend, this could run into the hundreds!!

Hidden Costs - Bridal Underwear

Bridal Underwear

Allow a minimum of €100 for your undergarments – these are of course the foundation for every wedding dress. Whether it’s investing in a great pair of Spanx or a full-support strapless bra, these are essential tools to complete your bridal look.

Food For Your Suppliers

It’s only good manners to offer your priest/officiant and your photographer a meal during the day to show your appreciation. They’ll be hungry too after a days work!

Thank You Cards

Because it’s always nice to be nice. Leave at least €100 from your budget for after your honeymoon when you can send a personal note thanking all your loved ones.

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