6 City Chic Honeymoon Destinations

Everybody knows Paris is the City of Love and New York is the City that Never Sleeps. Besides these two romantic, honeymoon capitals, there are many more urban getaways with lots of fun-filled offerings. These six city chic honeymoon destinations are all worthy contenders for the holiday of a lifetime.

Paris, France

Paris Honeymoon Destinations

An iconic photo with the Eiffel Tower behind you is what every couple does in Paris. Also, they put a lock with their names on the Pont des Arts. But, to truly do something cool and romantic, contact the agency that can provide you with an hour and a half ride in a Citroen CV2. Your driver will have a striped Breton, they will know everything about Paris and they will speak several languages. Moreover, ask them to show you their hidden tour of Paris and they will gladly drive you to all the less touristy spots in the charming vintage convertible.

Bruges, Belgium


While the city itself is made to be explored on foot, the weather is not always perfect to do so. The best thing you can do is to buy some warm winter clothes and visit during the depths of winter to experience Bruges under snow. A chocolate tasting tour of the Bruges will be the perfect way to curb your appetite and stay cosy in the crisp weather. Then gather the courage and go to a chocolate making class in the Museum of Chocolate.

New York, USA


A dinner at the Statue of Liberty restaurant has become a right of passage for tourists visiting the Big Apple. While you should definitely do that at some point, as well as hiring a horse carriage for a day in the Central Park, another cool idea is to rent out a private karaoke room. When decorated properly, you’ll get a night full of fun and a private room for the two of you.

Sydney Australia


Sydney provides spectacular sight-seeings opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary adventures for adrenaline junkies. You can be sure that a lot of people will be on the Harbor Bridge or around the Sydney Opera House. You should do something slightly different and rent a hot air balloon to create an exciting and magical memory. You will see the entire city landscape from above in the most romantic setting possible. Or you can enjoy having dinner with your loved one in Sydney tower which provides the most breath-taking views. To capture some treasured honeymoon photos you should consider hiring Perfect Moment professional photographers. You will be day-dreaming back to your experiences for years to come!

Kyoto, Japan


Among the wonderful things to do in Kyoto, you must visit the majestic temples. If you want a unique experience, prepare yourself for a visit to the moss temple. You will need to book online at least two weeks ahead with many hotels offering to do this as part of their service. Once you are there, you will be required to sit quietly and copy calligraphic letters, the ink and paper will be provided. That is your offering to the place and only when you’re done, you can enter the magnificent and jaw-dropping gardens.

Marrakech, Morroco


For a really unique and authentic experience, opt for a lovely riad or villa as an alternative to a standard hotel. Besides this authentic experience, find an agency that will arrange a trip to the Atlas Mountains and a lunch with a local Berber family. The heartwarming welcome and the cultural exchange will be a real thrill. The rest of the day will be the two of you exploring the mesmerizing landscape with the help of your guide.

There are certain landmarks in these cities that are swarming with tourists throughout the year. While you need to see them, spending your honeymoon in a big group of people is not that special. Therefore, pick some of these fun ideas to really add value to your trip together.

-By Nicole Noel

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