How To Smile With Confidence On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is first and foremost a celebration of love and happiness. It’s a day for smiling and laughter, memories captured on camera and looked back on fondly for years to come. If the thought of smiling for pictures makes you cringe inwardly, a large portion of your day will be spent uncomfortably posing for photographers (both professional and iPhone paparazzi!). Our tips will have you smiling with confidence all day, giving you one less thing to worry about on a day that should be filled only with joy!

Perfect That Smile

If you have genuine concerns about your smile, it may be a good idea to look into your options to improve them before your big day. More and more couples are engaging the services of cosmetic dental companies to correct minor problems in advance of their wedding.

YourSmileDirect provide dentist-prescribed invisible aligners that treat minor to moderate dental concerns in an average of 20 weeks. Even though the treatment is prescribed by a licensed dentist, you can go through the whole process remotely. Everything, from the Home Smile Kits that make your impressions to your custom aligners can be delivered directly to your door, saving busy brides and grooms-to-be the expense and time of multiple dentist visits. No need to practice your ‘Smize’ a la Tyra Banks, you’ll be grinning confidently from ear to ear all day!

Practice Makes Perfect

Unless you’re a Gigi Hadid in the making, you’re likely to feel slightly uncomfortable being the sole focus of a photographer for a day. As ridiculous as it might feel, practicing your pose in the mirror will help you feel more confident on the day. Know your angles, pick your ‘side’ if you have one and practice smiling in a way that feels natural and shows off your newly perfected grin!

Paint A Pretty Picture

Makeup is highly personal and you likely have your own routine perfected. Many a bride has been left feeling uncertain after trying out a new look for her wedding day. You can accentuate that perfect smile with a bold colour to contrast with your pearly whites, but don’t move to far from what makes you feel comfortable. If you’re going to worry about having lipstick on your teeth all day, save yourself the stress and go for a classic nude lip. Then all that’s left to do is smile with confidence!







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