Plan Your Day with Lynda at the Imperial Hotel

In the heart of Cork City, The Imperial Hotel seems to have it all. With a dream location, an atmosphere of pure luxury, and a dedicated team to making every special day an event to remember, this is one wedding venue you won’t soon forget!

This week we got to know Lynda from the weddings team. With years of experience under her belt, she is well equipped when it comes to making couples’ dreams of the perfect wedding day come to life. Take a peek below to learn more about their passion for weddings, favourite memories, and what makes weddings at the Imperial Hotel an experience unlike any other.

The Beginning

Lynda:  “All in all I have been working in hotels for 7yrs, however, I have only been working in the Wedding industry for 1 year.”

The Planning Passion

Lynda:  “You are in the most privileged position on someone’s wedding day, you get to go where no one else is allowed to go, you get to see the bride before anyone else does and you get to share her most important day with her.”

The Highlights

Lynda:  “The sense of satisfaction is amazing. You get to meet some fabulous people and generally, everyone in the wedding industry is amazing.”

At The Imperial Hotel

Lynda:  “The Imperial Hotel is unique in itself, it is one of the oldest Hotels in the city and offers a wedding setting that nobody can just recreate. The building has history and due to the fact that it is family run there is a sense of ‘’home’’ about the hotel. We are extremely passionate and committed to providing a day that the client will never forget.”

A Word of Advice

Lynda:  “Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the inspiration that’s out there on Facebook or Pinterest. Once you decide on your wedding style, try to stay focused on that. Less is always more. Don’t make quick decisions. It may be exciting to book the first photographer or florist you meet, but take a step back and weigh all your options before making any quick decisions.”

Current Trends

Lynda:  “The biggest trends that I am noticing are sweetheart tables – not going for the traditional top table route and just having a table for the bride & groom.”

Favorite & Least Favourite Trends

Lynda:  “Although I haven’t been doing it an awfully long time my pet hate seems to be Photo booths and sweet tables. I cringe when I see them on the checklist. I also have developed a love/hate relationship with the trend of having 2 dresses. I believe that the bride has been waiting so long to wear her wedding gown and it is only one day that you get to wear the dress, you should wear it for the entirety of the day and not change out of it throughout the day.”

The Strange or Unique


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