11 Darling Ways You Can Include Your Mum In Your Wedding

Here’s to the Mother-of-the-Bride and your unbreakable bond!

She has been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. So it’s only fitting to add some lovely touches by incorporating her into your wedding day.

Treat Her To A Mother/Daughter Pamper Day

During the run-up to your big day, set aside a few hours dedicated to just the two of you. Treat her to a relaxing spa treatment or book a manicure followed by afternoon tea. These precious few hours will allow you to recharge your batteries and catch up on any final wedding details before things start to get really hectic.

Include Her In The ‘Morning Of’ Shenanigans

Make her feel part of your girl gang on the morning of your wedding. She will probably be buzzing around like a busy bee trying to get everyone else organised, so ensure she takes a few moments to sip champagne and just have fun. P.S don’t forget to buy her some mandatory matching pyjamas and a Mother-of-the-Bride robe!

Make Her Part Of Your Bridal Party

If your mum is your best friend, why not break tradition and ask her to be your Maid of Honor or bridesmaid? This special role will make her feel super important and loved.

Ask For Her Help Getting Ready

Asking her to help with simple tasks such as zipping up your dress or fixing the clasp on your bracelet will mean the absolute world to her on the day.

Have A Mother/Daughter Portrait Session

Ask your wedding photographer to set aside time for some snaps with your main woman before heading to the church. Once he or she has a good understanding of the special bond you share with your mother, they will watch out and be sure to capture any sentimental moments between you throughout the day.

Ask Her For Your Something Borrowed

Whether it’s a family heirloom passed from generation to generation, or a spritz of her favourite perfume, you will be able to carry her by your side all day long.

Ask Her To Walk You Down The Aisle

This will be the proudest moment of her life – guaranteed! Many brides-to-be are now asking both parents to walk with them as they begin the next chapter into married life.

Acknowledge Her Traditions

There will be lots of these! From the Child of Prague statue to throwing you a honeymoon party, these events and smaller details will mean the world to her. They may not be to your taste, so try not to cause offence. Look at the bigger picture, breathe and allow her to have her special moment.

Ask For Her Help, Ideas & Inspiration

No doubt your mum will have tonnes of ideas that she’s just bursting to share – but she may not want to overstep the mark and intrude on your planning. Be mindful that this is a momentous occasion for her too. She will be delighted when you seek her help and advice. Whether it’s asking her to come dress shopping or to use her creativity and bake some homemade wedding favors, she will be chuffed to contribute in any way.

Have A Mother/Daughter Dance

Is there a ridiculously cheesy song that you both used to dance around the house to when you were a kid? Put in a special request with your DJ and take a trip down memory lane.

Give Her A Special Mention In The Speeches

Give your dad and future spouse a heads up on this one. Or better still, why not make your own speech? Your mum deserves a special toast from family and friends for all her years of unconditional love, support and advice.

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