Infographic: Bridesmaid Battles

Being asked to be a bridesmaid for a wedding is generally seen as being a huge honour. A friend or sibling has bestowed a request on you to be witness to their big day. The role of the bridesmaid begins immediately as they need to set in motion certain tasks in the run up to the wedding day. They may be required to organise an engagement celebration, they certainly have to organise the hen or bachelorette party and of course they will likely be involved in helping the bride to choose her dress.

Weddings can be a stressful time for the bride and the bridesmaid can definitely help out in this regard. The bridesmaid can offer to take on some of the tasks needed to be done for the wedding, such as making the ceremony booklets. Anything that can assist the bride-to-be (and groom) is helpful.

This Infographic from Bespoke Diamonds highlights some interesting survey results in relation to bridesmaids. It also sets out some tips about how to perform your bridesmaid role well and gives a handy guide on how to help to make the big day a big success.

Infographic: Bridesmaid Battles

Thanks to Bespoke Diamonds for this great Infographic. Great tips for the wedding speech. Cheers!

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