Your Day After Brunch Inspiration

Treat your friends and family to the perfect next day brunch!

After all, who can say no to brunch?! This next day celebration is the perfect option for those looking to keep the party going on day to in a more relaxed and toned down atmosphere. Everyone will still be recovering from their hangovers too so this is the ideal fix!  There are just a few things you need to keep yourselves and your guests going through the next morning…or afternoon so that you can enjoy each other’s company and soak up some quality time before everyone heads their separate ways.

These simple necessities will have your guests well taken care of and on their way to recovery at your day two brunch.


Of course, the first step in having a next day party is letting your guests know you’re having one! Slip these in their programs or somewhere at your reception where you know they’ll be able to pick one up.

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Cute decor

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you brunch party with simple and sweet elements. You can even recycle the flowers or signage from the night before!

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The Hangover Cure

Treat your guests to the ‘hair of the dog’ with a Bloody Mary bar with all the added fixings.

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You can’t throw a brunch shindig without the classic Mimosa! Champagne is the ideal addition to any juice after a wild night of dancing and drinking.

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

 This one is definitely a no-brainerWake them up with some good ol’ fashioned coffee!

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Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Water

Hydration is key to cure a hangover, so don’t forget to offer an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages and water.

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A Solid Spread

The most important part…the food! It’s nice to have a decent assortment. Some guests may prefer something lighter, while others may opt for more traditional breakfast options.

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Hangover kits

If water and coffee aren’t enough to keep your friends and family cured for the day, be a thoughtful host and prepare hangover kits for them too.

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Feature Image: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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