Irish Outdoor Weddings: Everything You Need to Know

With new government regulations here in full force this year (and for the foreseeable), it’s probably best we take wedding celebrations outside. In response to this, we’ve decided to put a checklist of pretty much everything you need to know about Irish outdoor weddings.

Find Inspiration

Don’t worry, there’s plenty to find on Pinterest! From DIY tutorials to ingenious tips on having a perfect ceremony and of course amazing Etsy finds, there is little that can’t be found on Pinterest. And for wedding venue inspiration, check out the new outdoor section of our site!

Be Practical

Sounds obvious, but it’s important to consider. Will your guests be able to get around in heels during the ceremony? Will they be able to hear you as you say ‘I do’? Do you have an alternative for them if it rains? Is there a clear sign for where they can use restrooms? It’s important to consider all your options and possibilities, which brings us to the next point…

Recruit an Expert

Finding someone who knows what they are doing is invaluable here. It may be a part of a venue’s wedding team that have worked in outdoor receptions before or it may even be a wedding planner. Either way, this person will have the know-how to source what you will need to make the reception go off without a hitch.

Be Our Guest

One rule any good wedding must obey is to make your guests feel at home. This is especially true for an outdoor affair! You should try to cater to all types of possible weather conditions; supply brollies and shawls for drizzle or sunnies and fans for warmer weather. Cushioned chairs also work well regardless of weather as uncovered chairs can get very hot in warmth or absolutely freezing in a strong breeze. And if you are in a wooded area, bring insect repellent. It’s also vital that you always have a Plan B – a marquee or some shelter just in case!

Bring The Indoors Out

A huge trend in ceremonies across the UK and Ireland, we love the idea of designing your day with some indoor décor. You can get as creative as you like here with lamps, cushions or even couches! The outdoors is your room, so can really take your theme up a level and play up to it.

Image via Sheen Falls Lodge

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