For The Organised Bride: 7 Crucial Items To Bring To A Wedding Fair

After we recently posted our ultimate wedding fair survival guide on social media, many brides-to-be asked us what items they actually need to bring to a showcase. So, we rounded up all the essentials to ensure you’re 100 per cent prepared to brave the holygrail for meeting wedding suppliers.

Notebook + Pen

The most obvious item, but you would be surprised how many couples forget to bring these staples to a wedding fair. Your bridal planner or diary will be needed on the day to jot down ideas, contact details and pricing. These will be your go-to notes when making decisions during the immeadiate weeks following the event.

Tote Bag

You will need somewhere safe to stash all those leaflets, freebies and business cards – a light tote bag will do the job perfectly. If your other half can’t make it to the showcase with you, pop a mini lunchbox or some tinfoil into your carrier. These will come in super handy for wrapping food samples so they can taste treats and cake when you arrive home.


This always catches people out (including myself). Many venues won’t have an ATM on-site and vendors may not have a card machine facility at their stall, so it’s always wise to bring cash with you on the day. This will cover smaller costs such as refreshments or any bridal accessories you may take a shine too. You will also have a deposit on hand if there are any supplier services you wish to book for your wedding.

Your Tribe

A bride-to-be needs her main supporters! A wedding fair is the perfect opportunity to include your mum, your future mother-in-law and your bridesmaids in the planning process. They will be your go-to girls when it comes to bouncing ideas and getting trustworthy second opinions. Make a girly day of it by booking an afternoon tea or evening meal to recharge your batteries and dissect every detail of the proceedings.

Smartphone + Charger

Your smartphone is the most essential item to bring with you. It will be glued to your hand on day long; from whipping it out to do quick calculations to snapping images of various stalls and their stock. The saying is true, a picture speaks a thousand words. Not only will they help you visaulize your wedding theme, they will also serve as a quick reminder of supplier names you may have forgotten.

Comfortable Shoes + Heels

Comfortable shoes and clothing are mandatory for the busy day ahead. Don’t forget to bring along a pair of heels similar to those you hope to wear on your wedding day – especially if the showcase will have a bridalwear sample sale. You can use these when trying on dresses to envision your entire wedding day look.

A Firm But Polite Attitude

You may already have a clear idea in your head of what you’re looking for on the day. With so many wedding suppliers in one space, it’s natural that there will be an air of competitiveness to nab potential customers. For the most part, the majority will respect your space and allow you to browse their stall whilst also offering some helpful advice. But there may be a few who are pushy and overbearing. In this case, be firm and politely state that you aren’t interested or you need time to think about their offer.

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