Just Engaged? 6 Bride-To-Be Agendas + Tools We Love

Well, hands up if you’re sporting a sparkler on your ring finger!?

A huge congratulations from all the team if you got engaged over the festive season. New year, big plans and all that malarkey…

But, of course your plans are about to become a whole lot more exciting with the sound of wedding bells in the near future. And, a true girl boss is gonna need a goals list that is totally on fleek.

We have serious heart eyes for these agendas and planning tools! Somebody better confiscate our credit card pronto…

via FutureMrsPlanner.com

Kate Spade Planner

can be purchased via MyShiningArmour.com

Ban.do Agenda

can be purchased via Unbound.ie

The Mrs Planner

via FutureMrsPlanner.com

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