Find Out Why One Bride Needed A Garda Escort!!

Meet Ireland’s sweetest wedding chauffeur – Mossie Foley. Kenmare Bay Hotel offers every couple a complimentary Chrysler Wedding Car, so it’s fair to say after eight years dutifully getting brides to the church on time, Mossie has had lots of wedding day drama! Witnessing the most special moments from emotional exchanges between father and daughter to each couple’s first few minutes as newly-weds, Mossie reveals his favourite memories and passion for the job. Every bride is in safe hands with Mossie by their side! Can I hire him for my own wedding?

Mossie Foley - Kenmare Bay Hotel

Tell us a bit about yourself Mossie?

Well, I have been married to Helen (who is actually Kenmare Bay Hotel’s Banqueting Supervisor) for 37 years. We have three grown-up children and two grandchildren who we adore. I am a retired motor mechanic which comes in handy when driving our brides to the most special day of their lives! I enjoy fishing and playing golf when I get a chance too.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Being in the bride’s house before the wedding chatting with her family over a nice cup of tea. The job also sends me to the most beautiful places around Kerry including those I have never been before – and of course I enjoy the drive. Obviously I love meeting the couple too and getting to share in such a special and intimate part of their day.

We bet you have seen lots of nervous brides over the years. How do you reassure them and help calm their pre-wedding nerves?

I must say that most brides are calm and focused on the job at hand but if any bride does look a bit nervous, I tell her how beautiful she looks, that it is a stroll in the park and the next time I see her, she will be a married woman. I try to crack a joke or too also and that seems to really help.

Mossie Foley - Kenmare Bay Hotel

Tell us about your most memorable journey to the church?

My most memorable moment would have to be the time we were all set to leave a bride’s house and suddenly we got a call from the groom who had been delayed getting to the church because there was a motor rally on in the area. After more then 30 minutes, we got word that he had landed.

The bride sat in the front seat beside me with her mother in the back of the car. When I asked would she not prefer to sit with her mom, she replied ‘Put the boot down and drive as fast as you can’. I made sure all seatbelts were fastened and put my driving skills to work as my bridal co-driver directed the way. After a while she informed me she had a Garda escort organised. I asked was she joking… and as we were approaching a roundabout in Killarney town, a Garda car appeared from nowhere complete with flashing lights and siren blaring. He signaled me to get behind him as we drove through every red light and traffic jam until we arrived at the church. The bride really enjoyed it though I think her mother said a few decades of the rosary in the back seat too! We had a great laugh over it for the rest of the day and it was finally revealed to me the groom was a member of the Gardaí himself.

Kenmare Bay Hotel

Chauffeuring couples to and from their wedding must mean lots of overheard stories. What’s the most common thing brides talk about on the way to the church?

Hoping that everyone is inside when they arrive and going through dad’s speech with him on the journey.

Why is the team at Kenmare Bay Hotel so vital to the success of each wedding and what can couples look forward to during their experience?

Because from start to finish, the Wedding Team aims for perfection and goes the extra mile. Every aspect of their day is looked after, when they arrive from their photo shoot and wedding ceremony, they can relax and enjoy the celebrations without a worry in the world. The hotel is like a family and enjoy making each day memorable and truly unique to each couple.

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