Dramatic Art Deco: Anne-Marie + Cameron At Langtons

Victory rolls and ruby red lips. The striking backdrop of this vintage style wedding put us under a spell…

Cameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-Marie
Anne-Marie and Cameron’s show-stopping wedding took inspiration from their black and white, art deco style venue. All the elements of their day were pulled together seamlessly with soft romantic details including powder blue bridesmaid dresses and pretty pops of pink in their flowers.

The glamorous bride’s charming gown was the wow factor of the day, as she revealed a breath-taking new look for their reception party – it was two dresses in one!

She told us: “Donna who owns Lilac Rose in Limerick was so helpful. She stocks the most amazing dresses for those of us who want something a little off the beaten track. Cameron didn’t want to wear a morning suit, so he chose his groomswear in a shop in Belfast called Suitors. He had it altered there and had a custom shirt made too.

Cameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-Marie

The Beginning…

“We first met at a mutual friend’s house party in Co Down. About six weeks later, I was back in Belfast for a night out and spotted Cameron in McCracken’s . I convinced my friends to ‘bump’ into Cameron accidentally-on-purpose and to invite him back to a house party. The rest is history!”

The Dreamy Proposal in Marrakech…

“Cameron had forgotten my birthday in April and on our second night of the holiday when we were at dinner, he produced a photo album that catalogued our years together. I thought it was a belated birthday present that was a bit more soppy than usual – to make up for the fact he had forgotten my birthday. That was until I turned the last page and there was a picture of my engagement ring with the words “Will you marry me?” under it. I looked up to see Cameron holding the same ring.”

Cameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-Marie
On The Photographer…

“When we first got in contact our photographer Elaine Barker, her easy-going, open and honest attitude stood out for us and we both felt “we could work with her!” Poor Elaine had her work cut out with both of us though as we are both quite unnatural in front of the camera. She even put up with my Dad telling her what to do before we left the house that morning. She guided us with every shot and made us feel more comfortable than we ever thought we would. She was also really open and liked our idea of taking our portraits in the grounds of St. Canice’s Psychiatric Hospital, which was built in the Victorian Era.”

Cameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-MarieCameron & Anne-Marie
On The Venue…

“We had spent a long time looking online at venues between Tipperary and Belfast. Cameron had worked in hotels when he was younger and did not want our reception to be in a standard function room. At the same time, we felt we wanted it to be a hotel as we would be organising from a distance and could not do a full DIY wedding either. We both knew Langton House Hotel and it kept coming into our heads. Each venue we looked at kept being compared to Langtons, so we decided to stop comparing and contact them. The team there are fantastic! The interior design is beautiful and it is not just your ‘standard function room’.”

“We had been to music gigs in Set Theatre and really wanted it to be part of our big day, so we were delighted to be able to have our evening reception in there. Moving rooms after dinner was a nice surprise for everyone and helped to prevent the after-dinner lull. It was brilliant for the band and afterwards we had a Silent Disco, which everyone loved. The dance floor was ridiculously full all night. It was brilliant!!”  

Langton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House HotelLangton House Hotel
A huge thank you to Anne-Marie and Cameron for sharing their special day at Langton House Hotel with us and to their photographer Elaine Barker for sharing these spectacular shots. You can see more of her work at www.elainebarkerphotography.com

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