Let them eat cupcakes!

We had wedding cupcakes at the launch party and they were a complete hit with everyone there.  In the planning stages, when I was working out my numbers and planning the supplies needed for the party, my Mum smiled knowingly and tried to reassure me that while a ‘cute’ idea, not everyone would actually eat a “cupcake” and 80 would be MORE than enough.  For a party of 200.  My father confessed told me AFTER all of the cupcakes were done that he didn’t actually know what we had been on about for the past few days and simply went along with things to keep the peace.  “Sher, aren’t they just queen-cakes, whats all this fuss about cupcakes about?”

ANYWAY, contrary to the widely held belief by my family that I was gone cupcake-crazy (they were actually the part of the party that caused me the most stress and worry) they were one of the big hits of the night, with people commenting on them and even leaving messages in the guestbook about how much they had enjoyed them.

So I guess the moral of the story is: People like cake.  They like tiny bitesize sweet things and they like edible things to look pretty.  Our wedding cupcakes ticked all of those boxes.  We bought about 80 of them from O’Hara’s bakery for about €2.00 for a dozen and the rest were homemade.  About 50 by my Mum, and 100 more by one of her friends.  All of them were iced by hand the day before and the day of the party.  They turned out fantastic and were EXACTLY what I had in mind when I planned all of this in my head.  We displayed them on cute little 3 tiered cupcakes stands (homemade by the genius that is Sabrina Dent) and they were the perfect sweet treat for people on the night.

Homemade wedding cupcakes
Homemade wedding cupcakes with weddingdates.ie branding!

Wedding Cupcakes are a cute and different idea to replace the wedding cake.  Or indeed go WITH the wedding cake!  If, like me you are working on a budget you CAN DIY them.  Just make sure you (or whoever is making them for you) do a few trial runs.  Not only with the mixture itself, but with the icing.  We used butter icing dyed with food colouring, but I was reliably informed it took a good few trail batches to get the colour JUST RIGHT.  😉 You can buy piping bags and nozzles from any good bakery supplies shop but again, do a test run.  My Mum and her pal had never even picked up a piping bag in their lives before attempting mine on the morning of the launch, but they learned fast and the end results were perfect.

If however you aren’t willing to hand over that level of responsibility to someone or would rather NOT to have to worry about the colour of the frosting on your cake days or even hours before your big day, then I can heartily recommend both of these suppliers of delicious cupcakes.

Dublin Cupcakes supplied delicious  dainty cakes for the Irish Web Awards held in Dublin last year and they were a big hit on the night with all in attendance.  The almost luminous icing which coloured peoples faces, and fingers and tongues on the night is testament to that!

This weekend, for the Irish Blog Awards held down in my fair county of Cork the lovely Jo from PíosaCake supplied the ladies of the pre-awards Tea Party with the lightest and fluffiest carrotcake cupcakes I have ever tasted.  They were devine and the men bloggers were howling at the door of the apartment to get a taste of them!

Ciara Crossan

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