True love never ends, Wedding Roundup 25th November

Love is an amazing feeling, and once you have it you never want to let it go. Love doesn’t go away, and it will never stop, because true love never ends.

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Here is a full list of new Covid restrictions in Ireland that hotels must follow for weddings

Couples reveal their top 40 wedding regrets, so that you don’t make the same mistake

How to politely respond to the ‘When are you getting married?’ question

Intimate entertainment ideas for smaller weddings, that can help to make wedding amazing


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Ideas for the best groomsmen cards to show your appreciation

The 20 best paper anniversary gifts for every year of marriage

Nine year old gives an adorable speech at his sisters wedding

Mother of the bride and groom outfit inspiration

Don’t want a massive cake? Here are some ideas for smaller but still magnificent cakes


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Check out this Irish couples unique wedding

Cork couple makes the best out of the situation and doesn’t let the rain ruin their wedding

An inside look at this couples wedding, after a year delay due to covid

Coupled from Tipperary celebrate their golden anniversary, with their 17 grandchildren




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