How to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

It’s more than just a trend. Planning a more sustainable wedding is on a lot of couple’s minds these days and with so many factors to consider, it’s difficult knowing where to start. Here are our top tips on how you can make your wedding more sustainable.

Stay Local and Source Local

Instead of travelling after your ceremony, why not host your reception in the same area? Better yet, why not consider a civil ceremony? This is becoming increasingly popular as couples choose where they want to be wed. Many of them can select beautiful venues in which they then hold their reception in afterwards. By choosing to opt for a civil ceremony, you will be helping to limit the pollution from both you and your guests commuting. Not only that, but you will also be making it easier for those of your guests who may be less-able to travel long distances.

Another effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding day is by sourcing local! This will also provide a welcome boost to your local economy! See if your venue’s chef can design a special menu made up of locally sourced produce. This way, you can take care of the environment, both local and large, while still enjoying great quality food.

Out with Disposables and in with Replenishables

Disposable makeup wipes are extremely bad for the environment. They can take up to five hundred years to decompose in the ocean. While decomposing, they release plastic microfibers which have disastrous effects on sea life. A solution for this are bamboo fibre wipes which function the same way as normal wipes but are biodegradable.

Eco-friendly Fashion

It always starts with the ring so don’t be afraid to find out where your jeweller is sourcing their diamonds. As of 2018, “4% of the world’s diamonds are conflict diamonds. [It is estimated that] 3-4 million is the total number of deaths due to diamond mining. 15% of Sierra Leone’s produced diamonds are blood diamonds”.You could go as far as asking whether or not they’re obtained in an ethical way.

As opposed to purchasing or having a new dress designed, why not wear a pre-loved one instead? Ask your mother and or her mother even. Why not rock that vintage look?! Accessorise with a cute pair of shoes or a unique veil to make it your own! You don’t have to do this all on your own by the way, save your bridesmaids both time and money by suggesting they wear dresses they already own. Don’t let the boys get away either! Renting suits is also a great option, especially for the groom. After the big day, you could donate all of the bridal party outfits to a charity shop and help someone less fortunate.

Reduce Plastic Usage

Nowadays, it seems everyone is jumping on the anti-plastic bandwagon but limiting your plastic usage, especially during your wedding, is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. To ensure your plan goes ahead, you’ll need to do your research with both suppliers and venues to ensure they recycle or use plastic alternatives.
Here are some great ways your venue can help reduce its plastic usage:

  • Replace wholesale frozen produce with locally sourced produce
  • Replace disposable glasses with reusable glasses
  • Replace plastic straws with paper straws

Also, instead of purchasing confetti for your wedding celebrations, why not make your own? It’s quite simple actually. All you need is a hole punch and some leaves! Punch away and store them for your special day!

Reduce Paper Usage

Even the smallest of weddings can produce masses of waste. If you want to reduce your paper usage, here are some top tips!

  • Use a tablet to plan your wedding (check out our new planning portal)
  • Send digital invitations also known as e-invites
  • Use the same tablet as the guest book
  • Keep the menu to an absolute minimum

Not only do these things look better, but you’ll get serious eco-couple points with each!

Alternative Favours

If poorly planned, wedding favours can be expensive and, sadly, damaging to the environment. Pointless trinkets, expensive gestures and wasteful packaging move aside! Here are ways you can thank your guests in a meaningful yet eco-friendly way:

Wildflower Seeds
Do it for the bees. Give each guest a packet of wildflower seeds so they can grow them at home to help our eco-system.

Charity Donation
Donate money to a local nonprofit or environmental cause on behalf of your guests. You could go as far as writing a brief note explaining why you chose the organization.

You can’t go wrong with drink tokens, they definitely won’t be wasted and if the venue uses reusable glasses, that’s an extra win!

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