Manscaping: How to be a Perfectly Groomed Groom

Manscaping…. How to be a Perfectly Groomed Groom

Manscaping, according to the urban dictionary is the ‘removal of superfluous fur’. For me, manscaping goes beyond the southern regions or ‘he-vage’ and is I believe a general routine that all men should adhere to. Firstly, let’s talk about facial hair. Nothing at all wrong with a moustache goatee or indeed a full beard, as long as it it’s well maintained.  Keep it trimmed neat and keep your rice krispies out of it!

Nasal hair is quite unacceptable, it moves in and out every time you breathe so there really is no polite way to keep it. Invest in a male trimmer which you can also use to do your ear hair should you have any.

‘Beware of the man whose eyebrows meet for in his heart there is deceit’ is as popular a rhyme for the modern gal as Humpty Dumpty is for kids. Guys, lose the mono-brow, it just screams lazy! As well as that, it is a well-known fact that the brows shape the face and this is equally important for the male visage as the female one. However it is most important that you don’t overdo it… No woman wants a man with a brow that is more perfect than hers, and let’s face it perfect brows on a man can be a little creepy.

Underarms; it is a good idea to keep these trimmed but to maintain it rather than remove it completely.

Next up the ‘he-vage’ which is the area around the collar down to your pecs, are you Justin Bieber or the Hoff? The only method of hair removal that is acceptable here is trimming or waxing. Trimming is for keeping everything in the area tidy whilst maintaining your chest rug. Waxing is complete removal for a smooth peck area. This is a completely personal choice as to your preference. Shaving or using a hair removal cream on this area will lead to prickly stubble and no bride wants to marry a cactus….

Lastly, we address the areas south of the border: Legs are best kept with hair unless you are a keen cyclist. And it’s no harm to keep the area near the crown jewels trimmed too in case of the need for speedos on honeymoon.

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